Monday, March 7, 2011

Leave of Absence : Excuse #2

Three words : Mass Effect 2
I picked up IGN's Overall Game of the Year for 2010 for half-price at a game shop a couple weeks back and haven't stopped playing it since. You can read up on the reviews if you'd like a more detailed reason as to why its so good, rather than my lame attempt... suffice to say that it's just that good.

A space opera on a grand scale with incredible graphics (especially on the PS3; HD never looked so good), brilliant voice acting, and a deep involving storyline - I'm having immense fun playing it. Too much fun. Which is why I've been a bit quiet on this side of things. I hope to change that soon enough... once I've saved humanity from alien destruction!

[note] In playing the game, there's been something about the one character, Miranda, that has kept nagging me... I felt like she was an actress I'd seen and heard before somewhere - only I couldn't place her. Then, in researching some pics to put up on this post, I stumbled across the answer: It's "Sarah" from the TV series "Chuck", played by Yvonne Strahovski.
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