Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Hiroshi Yoshii

Was just reading an article on about the proliferation of Japan's "Culture of Cute" that's invading the West, when I came across one of the illustrators they mention - Hiroshi Yoshii.

Yoshii is one of Japan's most prolific creative character talents with a whole stable of imaginative 3D characters that fall into what the Japanese call the 'kimi-kawaii' - cute but scary - look.

Having started out as an illustrator for magazines and books, he has now moved on to character design and animation, and is even selling small quantities of 'art toys' as a fine artist. He is also in big demand for client work varying from 2D covers for Amazon to work for Docomo, Japan's biggest mobile operator, for whom he has created a mascot character that's a cross between a butler and a ram.

Apparently, Yoshii is a workaholic, creating at least one character each day. Since 1999 he has now created over 2 000 characters! You can catch a few hundred of them on Yoshii's Behance portfolio.
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